Wednesday, May 4, 2011

start of something new

i've only done 2 new ones on this concept. & i've already gotten way more detailed than i intended to. wanted them to be Big & ABsTraCt... alas, you can tell what they are. maybe i'll zoom in even MORe on #3.... ?

anyway, you can obviously tell what they are.

started with a background of acryclic streaks & then built up layers and layers of gouache strokes. really wanted them all to go the same way, but i'm kind of "re-drawing" the pattern each time i head in with a new color, so the wings kind of shift, so sometimes cross-hatching happens when my vision changes direction. we'll see what happens as this series progresses, i suppose.


  1. So beautiful!! The coloring on the green one also reminds me of a peacock. :)

  2. yay! i thought of peacock feathers, too, angela. but i kinda like one thing being multiple things... 'cuz i like to read into stuff like that. ;0) still girlie, but less kid-ish. i THink.... : )