Wednesday, September 30, 2009

cave art

well, in the sense that humans have walls now & i paint murals on them. ;)

here are a few shots done for classrooms & bookstores & the like....

: )

Sunday, September 27, 2009

clutter, schmutter...

while i am overwhelmingly attracted to neat, simple, clean design work, i cannot create it myself. the colors keep exploding from every corner & i end up with stuff like this.
i've never tried to pretend to be a graphic designer, but i kinda think my sorry skills work with my painting aesthetic, so i deal.

here, for example, is the back of my promo postcard for the upcoming wind-up show.
i can mail you one if you wish (once printed), or look for them @ your local coffee shop....

minimalism be cursed. ;)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

oh, the what a tangled web i stumble through i'm attempting a blog. because i definitely cannot attempt a website. so here's me. i'll share some art, some books, some gallery work... just so you can find me on the web! i do murals, books, and paintings for your home, office, & where ever else needs some color.
have a joyful day of peace & love.

*hallie g. =0) robot's sideways. i'll figure that one out later....
(it's one of the paintings from my gallery show opening november 6, '09 @ the art & light gallery in greenville, sc. schweet!)