Thursday, November 18, 2010

just add color

so my coloring book is here!
here are a few screen shots (well, photos of my imac screen) showing what i went through to make all my doodles accessibly colorable just for you!

i scanned in pages & pages & pages (60+) of sketchbook doodles- mostly from paper scraps, receipts, moleskins, workbooks, and bulletins and meeting notes on a legal pad... sized & arranged on a photoshop board to the size i wanted to print.
moved that over to illustator, added a new layer, locked the one with all the scribbly drawings, and traced them with a wacom pen on the blank layer. then i hid the scribbly layer, turned all of my digital lines black, then went back in with a white pen to clean up, add eye-lights, and make some warbly lines so they looked like woodblock prints. fun!

so after hours and hours of having to stare @ a computer, i give you what was once pen doodles in the margins of my artsy can't-stay-still-while-watching-a-movie-or-listening-to-someone-talk life! = )

the finished coloring books are available here:

Friday, November 12, 2010

facebook or something like it

so i'm on twitter (still learning balance- hm.)
& have a facebook "like me" page now.

so please keep up there as i'm apparently quite aloof in the blogosphere.
i'll try to be better, but i cannae make a promise or few i don't want to neglect.

& of course i'm hoping you shop here nearly exclusively:

see ya online! yippee!