Friday, March 11, 2011

oh, babyface!

so a couple years ago i had to go to like 6 weddings.
this year everybody's having babies.
so this is the block for the card i'm making alllll of them. ;)
of course i'm throwing in a bookbag and sandra boynton board books in their gifts, too... but this lil' monster was just looking to join a family & add some chaos. he packs his teddy bear, too.
who sometimes takes the blame.


  1. Cuteness!!! When we have kids we'll have to buy some goodies from you. :) Love, Angela

  2. yay! ;)
    & just think: if you ever get dizzy from globe-circling, i can make art for your WALLS, too. ;0)

    or.... i can house-sit while you're away. i'm sure whatever exotic locale becomes home base would make a fantastic studio. (i promise to clean up after myself.) =0)