Sunday, May 23, 2010

umbrellas for all.

here's a peek @ a few final paintings for the new show @ art & light gallery opening june 4... enJOY!

also, here's my show statement, in case you care:

umbrellas are used for extremes-- sunshine when pale happens to be fashionable, or rain when you don't want your shoes squeaking & sloshing all day. mostly, i never carry one. but i have always been a fan of defying superstition-- opening them inside to make colorful, albeit uncomfortable, forts.

they are marvels of engineering-- from bamboo infrastructures with hand-painted delicate paper shades to keep out the sun, to giant beach plants so you can find your family when the tide surreptitiously wafts you further down the shore. they are beacons of identity (just how much do you want to stand out in a bleak, soggy crowd?!), and a surreal icon of flight (thank you, mr. r. magritte!)

by exploring their purpose, and seeking to add color to an enjoyably overcast & drizzly day (my quiet faves so long as i don't have to go anywhere, & unfortunately for as much as i adore brite colors, i look fantastic in grey), i humbly present to you a fanciful collection of this unique icon of shelter and protection. they are picturesque in snow, but not fun on a crowded sidewalk. they're also completely unnecessary, but still pretty, when singing of joy & love (thank you, mr. g. kelly!)

the umbrella identifies, protects, or just makes a handy cinematic prop in the game of fighting, or celebrating, the Heaven-sent elements.

peace, joy, & color to you,
*hallie g.

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